Leitbur (“light-brr”) is an on-going electronic music project by Jaron Widman and Samantha Krzyston.

Leitbur has its origins in Los Angeles, where Widman had been experimenting with sound and songwriting while studying film production at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. After seeing the similarities between both disciplines, Widman began constructing his songs like his short films — each filled with autobiographical scenes, characters, and the occasional flashback or dream sequence. Widman uses the mood and tone of the 1980’s like a cinematographer, framing each song with care, to tell stories that are in equal parts nostalgic, sweet, and filled with pathos.

Later, Widman began colloborating with Chicago-to-L.A. transplant Krzyston, an aspiring psychotherapist and vocalist. Their romantic relationship caused Leitbur to become a film with two main characters. Soliliquies suddenly became conversations, and many of the warmest — and most painful— moments of their relationship were turned into their own scenes. Two EPs were made, Think of Tomorrow in 2012 and The Moment That I Knew You in 2015, before the release of a full-length album, Antique Travelers, in May 2016.

“Leitbur isn’t a throwback to classic new wave, they’re a bona fide reincarnation.”
– Free Bike Valet

“sounds exactly how I imagine life would sound if I were starring in the Val Kilmer classic Real Genius…”