• MAU – Children Playing Adults [Leitbur Mix]

    Here’s our remix of MAU‘s new single, “Children Playing Adults.” And here is the original track:

  • Overclocked Remix – “On the Run” and “Tastes Like Victory”

    We were lucky enough to be included in Overclocked Remix‘s big FF6 Kickstarter complilation project, Balance and Ruin. We contributed two tracks based on two pieces of music from the old SNES game, the victory fanfare played after every battle and the theme from the Returners’ hideout.

  • Civilianz – Came of Age [Leitbur Mix]

    Here’s our remix of ‘Came of Age’ by Civilianz. Free download, so spread it around! And make sure to check out the original. Civilianz is a very talented bunch and our friend Mate (the lead singer) is a great songwriter. Here’s the original track:

  • Rethink:Tomorrow [Remix EP] [2012]

    Rethink:Tomorrow is a global re-imagining of the title track from Leitbur’s Think of Tomorrow. Featuring discostep from India, nu-disco from France, dreamwave from Portugal, dance mixes from the Netherlands and Hungary, ambient progressive from the UK and a slamming big-beat track from NYC, there’s something for everyone. Great contributions from our friends MAU, KOOL BANDITS, …

  • Think of Tomorrow [EP] [2012]

    Help support independent music! Buy Think of Tomorrow here: http://leitbur.bandcamp.com Tracklist: 1. Think of Tomorrow 2. I Will Always Be Your Constant 3. Old Life 4. Footsteps 5. When the Lights Go 6. (Bonus) Old Life [Glow Edit] Music, lyrics, vocals, mixing and production: Jaron Widman Additional vocals: Samantha Krzyston Mastered at Black Dog Mastering …

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