About Leitbur

Leitbur (“light-brr”) is an on-going electronic music project by producer Jaron Widman of Los Angeles. Additional vox and writing by Samantha Krzyston.

A graphic artist, video editor, film school alum, lover of vintage synthesizers and creative jack-of-all-trades, Widman turned to music production as a creative outlet while studying in Seattle and LA. Leitbur was formed in 2007 as a produced-by-email electronic rock project with Widman’s brother, Jonathan, but it later evolved into a solo venture that combines synthpop, electro shoegaze, 80s new wave, chillwave, and nu-disco. In 2012, he began collaborating with his fiancée, Chicago-to-LA transplant Samantha Krzyston.

Some press: www.leitbur.com/press

“amazing, and highly underrated…”
- electronic rumors

“sounds exactly how I imagine life would sound if I were starring in the Val Kilmer classic Real Genius… Think of Tomorrow is as near perfect an EP as I can recall stumbling on all year.”





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